Services for Rolled Products


Wieland Nemco’s extensive range of copper and copper alloys are expertly processed to your specification and managed by advanced computer programs.
We can produce quality strip sizes from 800mm down to 2mm with a thickness range between 0.08mm and 3.00mm.


Our extensive stockholding of rolled products, in both copper and copper alloys, combined with modern warehouse technology, enables us to provide just in time deliveries throughout the UK.

Traverse Winding

Traverse winding involves joining several coils into one continuous, dimensionally accurate length, then precision layer winding this onto spools or drums. This is a particularly effective way of providing longer strips to enable machines to be kept running for much longer and with less supervision than would be possible with individual coils. We can traverse wind a wide variety of materials including steel, nickel silver, phosphor bronze, copper and brass.


Operating our own fleet of four vehicles ensures high quality service and flexible deliveries to customers. Each driver has many years of experience ensuring that material is delivered safely and on time to each customer. Each vehicle is fitted with modern tracking technology so that customers can be kept up to date on deliveries.


Wieland Nemco’s Multicoil is a simple and particularly effective method of improving operator productivity.

Multicoiling consists of a stack of coils joined together to produce a long strip when decoiled on a horizontal decoiler. This allows the operator to process an entire stack of coils in one procedure.

Surfaces and Coatings

Our copper and copper alloys can be supplied in a wide range of surface coating technologies, including Hot Dip Tin and Electroplating.

We also offer a polishing service that includes; standard, satin and mirror finishes, all of which can be polycoated.

For further information and to discuss your requirements in more detail please contact us.

Contract work

In addition to servicing our own products, Nemco offers sub-contracted processing of customers' own materials. Our machines are designed to process a wide range of materials including ferrous, non-ferrous and aluminium and offer maximum flexibility of coil weights and inside/ outside diameters. Contract services we provide include: slitting, winding, multicoiling and recoiling.