Metal Recycling

Copper and copper alloys are fully recyclable – again and again without sacrifice to quality. We promote environmentally friendly production by collecting material waste that has been generated in your production environment. Scrap is systematically turned into raw material for new, high-quality semi-finished products. Our recycling policy aims to conserve resources for the benefit of our environment and to provide the best possible service and price to all our customers.

We provide specialist recycling bins which can be collected either with each new metal delivery or by specific arrangement using our own fleet of lorries. The ability to contra any outstanding credit against customer accounts also allows for improved cash flow.

Scrap prices can be fixed prior to collection or booked against a contract. Alternatively, the price will be fixed on the day of collection.

Brass swarfs

Your benefits

  • Transparent pricing (based on the LME)
  • Simple and environmentally-friendly processing
  • Use of our scrap bins
  • Secure processes
  • Improved cash flow
  • Regular delivery and collection of bins

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