Strip and Sheet

Wieland Nemco's extensive range of quality controlled copper and copper alloy strip and sheet are expertly processed to your specifications and managed by technical, highly trained and experienced staff using advanced computer programs.

In addition to copper and standard alloys such as brass, nickel silver and phosphor bronze, we supply steel, aluminium and speciality high performance copper based alloys which are characterised by an advantageous combination of strength, electrical conductivity, formability and temperature resistance.

The combination of specialist support from The global Wieland Group, plus our own attention to detail, ensures we can meet the most stringent technical, quality and delivery demands of today's manufacturer.

Wieland Nemco supply the below alloys in a variety of formats including strips, sheets and foils across a range of different sizes. We can also supply a range of other materials such as steels and aluminiums.



High Copper Alloys

Phosphor Bronze

Nickel Silver

Leaded Brass

Special Brass

High-Performance Alloys

CuNi Alloys

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