Rods and sectional rods

Wieland Nemco's copper and copper based alloys, supplied in rods and sectional rods, are produced to the highest precision standards. This allows us to meet the most modern and demanding requirements for high speed machining, low tool wear and automated production.

The effective use of sections and profiles result in less costly production methods, in addition scrap is minimised and ancillary costs are lowered. Shape and dimensions of the profile cross section are normally defined in a drawing.

Besides copper and common copper alloys such as brass, nickel silver and phosphor bronze, our round rods, hexagonal rods and sections are also made from special alloys tailored to your specific application.

Wieland Nemco supply the below alloys in a number of formats including diameter, hexagon, hollow, rod in coil and square/rectangular bars. We can also supply a range of other alloys.


High-copper alloy


Nickel Silver

Copper Nickel

Lead Free Brass

Special Brass

Phosphor Bronze

Aluminium Bronze

Cast Alloys

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